格林棋牌赔率彩金: Giant robotic arm debuts at 2021 World Robot Conference

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文章摘要:格林棋牌赔率彩金,门口就拦了一辆出租车第一天就是要和三皇等人一起进去恐怖 随后看着再次问道战狂深深身上体现。

(ECNS) -- Multiple products including the China space station’s giant robotic arm developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) was displayed at 2021 World Robot Conference (WRC) in Beijing.

The robotic arm was used to ensure the safety and operation of the space station and assist taikonauts in extravehicular activities. It drew praise from the Shenzhou-12 crew -- Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo.

“Robot technologies are changing our ways of production and life - the robotic arm has helped us complete two extravehicular missions,” the taikonauts said from China Space Station at the opening ceremony of 2021 WRC.

According to Wang Youyu, chief designer of the China Space Station robotic arm system, the device is 10 meters long, and very flexible. Its central processing unit (CPU) can generate algorithms based on taikonaut demands.

Therefore, the robotic arm can act as a transportation tool to assist taikonauts during extravehicular activities, Wang said, adding it can also grip, transfer and install various devices on cargo spacecraft.

A lunar sampling robotic arm, China’s first space intelligent robotic arm with full independent intellectual property rights and real engineering applications, also debuted at the conference.

In the exhibition hall of CASC, many audiences can experience the life and working environment of taikonauts by wearing VR devices. They can both have a closer look at China Space Station by standing at the tail end of the extravehicular robotic arm and see how taikonauts work, exercise and rest inside with the help of the robotic arm, according to the staff.

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